October 30, 2016 (Los Angeles, CA) – Vampires, witches and warlocks all had their teeth checked at Paladin Healthcare Management’s Halloween event at the Weingart Y (YMCA) in Southcentral Los Angeles. The event, co-sponsored by the Y of Greater Los Angeles and Liberty Dental Plan, provided children with screenings and fluoride varnish applications. Children were lined-up in colorful costumes for candy and the haunted house, and along the way parents opted to have their children’s teeth screened at no cost. “The Liberty Smile Keepers team made it fun. They also provided parents with resources so they could follow-up on any oral healthcare issues that were identified through the screening” said Kenneth Cohen, Paladin’s Director of Community Development.

“Teaming up with the Y helped us effectively reach out to the community to provide the screenings and get parents connected with local dental healthcare providers. Many of the children screened had significant oral health issues, and now parents have the information they need to get their children’s teeth treated before it progresses into a more serious issue” said Cohen.

Children in Southcentral Los Angeles are generally three times more likely to have cavities than children from more affluent areas and they are less likely to have access to dental providers. Early detection and fluoride treatments can prevent further decay and connecting parents with dental providers in their community promotes routine, preventative dental care. “It was an extremely successful event. We saw a few sour faces on some superheroes when they got the fluoride treatment, but they smiled when they received the toothbrush” said Cohen.

Paladin Healthcare Management, in partnership with the Y of Greater Los Angeles, will be providing health screenings at various Y locations throughout the year.

For more information contact Kenneth Cohen at kcohen@pldn.com