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Paladin operates in underserved, disadvantaged urban communities where healthcare disparities and environmental conditions combine to perpetuate disproportionately poor health outcomes. In order to redress this unacceptable condition, Paladin strategically identifies community-based assets and targeted external resources that support powerful and sustainable change. Paladin’s culturally attuned, strength-based approach draws on evidence-based research to promote better individual and community health outcomes.

There are a multitude of challenges facing the communities served by Paladin’s hospitals and health systems. Many of these issues can be prevented or mitigated through education, early detection, and care coordination. A myriad of comorbid conditions often go untreated because the people affected by them are unable to properly access the healthcare system. Paladin’s facilities are committed to educating, inspiring and improving quality of life and overall health outcomes among the community members that we serve, by fostering a bond with the community that is unique and impactful.

At the facility levels, Paladin partners with proven community-based organizations to address underlying social determinants of health such as behavioral health issues, lack of access to quality healthcare services, environmental disparities, food scarcity, and trauma. To address these issues, Paladin optimizes community resources and enhances its care networks by integrating select community-based organizations, religious institutions, and social services agencies into an enhanced patient-centric healthcare delivery system that includes coordinated wrap-around services and quality transitional care.

Some of the institutions which Paladin partners with are as follows:

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